Want best PS3 Slim Stand 4-Port USB

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Feature and description detail best
  • Upgrades console?s USB plug-in capacity by 2.5x
  • Compatible with Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 devices
  • Increases console stability
  • Matches PS3?s sleek finish and design
  • Only compatible with PlayStation 3 (PS3) Slim
at price deal Best buy about $ 19.99 best cheap price from best PS3 Slim Stand 4-Port USB Mad Catz’ 4-Port USB Hub Stand upgrades the PlayStation 3 Slim twofold. Supporting the console in an upright position, additional surface area provides the means for convenient and stable console placement. Generously giving the console two-and-a-half times the USB plug-in capacity, the Hi-Speed ports allow you to quickly and easily connect up to four devices. Perfect for use with games like the ‘Rock Band’ series which require simultaneous connectivity of multiple peripherals, no longer i for PS3 Slim Stand 4-Port USB This item is available at its lowest price here on ama zon detail..
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