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  • Race the Real Car of Tomorrow—Experience the true physics and handling of NASCAR’s newest race car through enhanced State-of-the-art Visuals and Innovative New Vehicle Telemetry Visor (VTV).
  • Advanced Car Tuning—Master all 22 NASCAR-sanctioned tracks by modifying your car’s handling to exact specifications with more than 40 comprehensive tuning controls.
  • All-New Career Mode and Challenging Mini-Games help you develop your racing skills through adrenaline-pumping mini-games, focused on bump drafting, spin recovery, turn apex, and more.
  • Expanded Online Play—Prove yourself as the top NASCAR driver by challenging up to 15 other online racers at the same time.
  • SIXAXIS Steering Control (PLAYSTATION 3 only)—Experience the control needed to run three-wide by mastering the all-new SIXAXIS steering precision controller.
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