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  • Online Multiplayer Modes: A wide variety fo traditional online modes, such as Death Match, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag, as well as, all-new unique modes created specifically for BlackSite: Area 51.
  • One Button Squad Commands: Command your troops to perform a variety fo actions, including planting C-4 to blow doors, sniping enemies in guard towers, or taking control of vehicles - all with one click of a button.
  • Incredibly Realistic, Fully Interactive World: From the war-torn streets of Iraq to small town USA, you'll need to use strategic cover points as you blow away your enemies in huge levels where nearly everything you see is destructible.
  • As squad commander Aeran Pierce, you lead soldiers who respond to your every order. Lead well and they¿ll rally behind you when the enemy brings the fight, but waver and morale will sink fast, affecting their will to fight.
  • Drive the latest military HMMWVs and commandeer civilian vehicles. Take a seat in the gunner¿s position during a daring, low-level helicopter raid against enemy positions. Fight with a range of modern-day Special Forces weapons.
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