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  • Various ways of moving, like walking, running, sprinting, riding, swimming, sailing and teleporting
  • A flexible combat system with variable attack moves, parrying and special tricks. along with state-of-the-art technology, thanks to a powerful Grace engine and special tools
  • Lots of mini-games for breaking up gameplay and an intuitive user interface for the Demons Magic system and the Papak Alchemy system
  • Extensive multiplayer options including online co-op and multiple play modes
  • Complex object management with movable and usable items, and the special "Craft Tool" that enables individual configuration of armor and weapons
best price deal Best buy about $ 5.49 economic price from best Two Worlds 2 Taking place shortly after the events portrayed in the first Two Worlds, The Temptation takes place in Eastern Antaloor, in the regions surrounding Oswaroh and the Drak'ar Desert. Featuring as much content as the original, Two Worlds: The Temptation will feature more intricate missions, improved voice-overs and animations, retooled horseback riding, completely revamped combat, and a new game engine that delivers visuals that have to be seen to be believed. Return to the vast world of Antal for Two Worlds 2 This item is available at its lowest price here on ama zon detail..
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