Special NEW Killzone 3 PS3 (Videogame Software)

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  • Epic single player campaign with a gripping storyline and intense action
  • •Face off against new, relentless Helghast enemies armed with more powerful weapons and abilities
  • •Battle your way through huge, diverse environments from alien jungles to harsh arctic vistas shown in incredible graphic detail
List price deal Best buy about $ 15.75 economical from best NEW Killzone 3 PS3 (Videogame Software) Continuing from Killzone 2, players find Emperor Visari, the viscious dictator of the Helghast, dead at the feet of Sev and Rico. However this war is far from won. In the wake of Visari's death, Helghan has devolved into a world of political scheming, rapid infighting, and murder. Now, the two most powerful men on Helghan are fighting for complete and utter dominance while Visari's vision of Helghan is in jeopardy. With limited supplies and no re-enforcements, the ISA must now fight not to win a for NEW Killzone 3 PS3 (Videogame Software) has the best deals on this product This best selling item tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST! If this is a MUST HAVE product, be sure to order now to avoid disappointment. Click here detail.. to buy NEW Killzone 3 PS3 (Videogame Software) now!.
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