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Feature and description Product detail
  • Gamer Graffix is the most prominent Skin company in the industry
  • Gamer Graffix creates high-quality epoxy domed Skins for gaming consoles, laptops, MP3 players, phones and many other diverse consumer products
  • Gamer Graffix skins do not void manufacturer's warranties
  • Gamer Graffix skins are removable, reusable, and leave no residue behind
  • Anything else is just a sticker!!
From price deal Buy about $ 9.95 economic price from best Wall Graphix: Motely Toon 23 x 29 Gamer Graffix Skins are produced with a patent pending specially formulated proprietary adhesive along with a high-resolution printing and doming process, which creates an amazing eye catching graphic for your gaming console or multimedia unit. The optic clear epoxy dome is flexible, washable, and has a thickness of 35 Mils. The patent pending adhesive and epoxy dome allows the user to remove the skin at will without voiding the manufacturer warranty of their device. ESRB Rating: Not Applicable for Wall Graphix: Motely Toon 23 x 29 You can buyit cheapest on Amazon through this detail link here..
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